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About us...

The company KINDERPLANET Gesellschaft für Absatzförderung mbH was founded February 1988 in Walldorf near Frankfurt in Germany and is today Germanys biggest renter, placementer and wholesaler of kiddie rides. In 1999 the company moved to its current location in Alten-Buseck near Gießen to put together distribution, logistic, service and warehouse - we always have several hundreds rides on stock - at the same location.

Children are not only the future customers, the kids already decide today where and what to buy.
Modern kiddie rides attract kids, thus bringing their parents to your store. Fidgety or bored children will be engaged with the rides while their parents can shop unhurriedly.


More than 100 different models ensure advertising effectiveness:
Starting with the Flying Carpet and the Running Shoe, over the Racing Car and not stopping with the Robot - for every branch of trade we have a fitting kiddie ride.
The evolution of kiddie rides to lucrative and effective advertising tools in Germany is for the grand part earned by Kinderplanet.


Early the kiddie rides were integrated in the marketing concepts of corporate business. Thus leading to custom products like for example the Salamander-Lurchi, the Benetton Racing Car, the Ronald McDonald Carousel and three other McDonald devices, the Vedes Carousel, the LEGO locomotive, the Quick-Schuh Frog, the Obi beaver, the FRITT Carousels and the TUI car.

Special islands for kids, equipped with up to 15 devices, were developed for highly frequented places like shopping malls and general stores.

Very successful is the Kinderplanet rental system (only available in Germany), where the customer pays a monthly fee while getting the whole earnings the rides produce. That opens great options for the Kinderplanet products.  


Specially made tokens, with the logo of the customer can be given as a "Thankyou" to purchasers. A lot of our customers won't miss this type advertisement anymore.


Pleased customers of Kinderplanet - among others - are: Woolworth, Kaufhof, Karstadt, REAL, Salamander, Benetton, McDonalds, Vedes, TUI, Globus, KfC, MFI, ECE, Toys R Us and a lot of other very well known names.


Also for the future the Kinderplanet team is your partner for maximised advertising effects and lucrative innovations. Let us surprise you!